Regulations are in place NOW and the rate of regulation is increasing:


    • Over 50 communities in CA have regulations in place and 15 offer rebates to homeowners to remove their softener
    • Scottsdale, AZ provides rebates to homeowners to reduce salt discharge
    • Madison, WI offers rebates to businesses that reduce salt from commercial softeners and is looking at how to reduce salt from residential softeners (92% of homes have a softener)
    • MI has more bans than any other state
    • DE, FL & CT regulate softeners that discharge to septic systems
    • 24 communities in MN have high chloride levels and are asking homeowners to “turn off” their softener


Many more communities are quantifying the problem – the first step to regulation:


    • CA is requiring water managers to develop salt & nutrient management plans
    • MN reports that softeners account for 23% of the salt load in lakes & rivers – and the Twin Cities puts 350,000 tons of salt on their roads each year
    • BuRec has a major initiative to reduce salts – in partnership with EPA, USDA, USGS & others – and funding

Green dots are areas that have enacted regulations and that have or propose rebates

Yellow dots are areas in  various stages of problem identification or regulation development

Large dots are state-wide initiatives

Note:  15% of annual softener sales are into

CA & AZ   

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