The Problem

  • A typical 1 cubic foot residential water softener dumps 500 to 1500 pounds of salt into the sewer system each year
    • All the salt is in a very small volume of water
    • It typically regenerates after treating 1,000 to 2,000 gallons of water
    • It uses 50-85 gallons each time it regenerates
    • All the salt is in 5-8 gallons used during the regeneration (the brine)
    • 250 – 400 gallons of brine is generated per year
    • It is 4 -5 times saltier than ocean water and pollutes all of the wastewater


  • Commercial softeners dump much more salt because they contain more resin – 20-50 cubic feet is common
  • Traditional wastewater treatment does nothing to reduce salt
  • RO to remove the salt in end-of-pipe treatment is VERY expensive & generates 15-20% of highly concentrated salty brine
  • Water managers are enacting “brine restrictions” in the form of softener bans which are politically unpopular & opposed by homeowners & businesses
  • CA’s target for recycled water is 3 million acre-feet – AZ has a similar target albeit a smaller volume due to AZ’s lower water demand
  • Salt is the major deterrent to achieving these goals
  • The Salt Miner prevents salt pollution by distilling the salt out of the 5 -8 gallons of brine prior to discharge to the sewer
  • The concentrated salt “sludge” is suitable for recycling into calcium chloride, magnesium chloride & other feedstocks for other processes
  • Pollution prevention is ALWAYS a better solution than end-of-pipe treatment.

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