Benefits of Soft Water

  • End of pipe salt removal is VERY expensive so utilities are looking to source control – preventing the salt from ever getting into the wastewater
  • Currently the only source control option is to outlaw (ban) softeners
    • Over 50 communities in CA already have some form of restriction – some even mandate removal of existing softeners
    • Many more across the US already have some form of restriction
    • Many more are moving to enact restrictions
  • Enacting bans is politically unpopular
    • Many utilities offer financial incentives to “ease the pain” of giving up a softener
  • The water treatment/softener industry has no viable solution for source control so it opposes any regulation – creating a political fight
  • The public (homeowners & businesses) see value in softeners and want to continue to enjoy the benefits
  • Many businesses REQUIRE soft water – there is no tech business without a softener

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